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Palm Hills Developments just launched its latest Badya, named to be the “Creative City” to its long list of portfolio.

The Creative City of Badya is located in 6th of October City to include residential, commercial, and retail. It is also set to comprise educational, leisure, and medical facilities as well.

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3000 Acres of Creativity


Many have wondered why Badya is a creative city. It is so because it is developed in a way where everything is unique from its designs to its structures & landscape. The city as a whole is innovative & challenges the norm in every undertaking. Badya is a cultural hub for a modern and progressive Egypt, it’s the place that gives you a platform to prosper, exchange great ideas & engage with different cultures.

If you are looking for something new, unseen and beautiful; Palm Hills Developments constantly works on having many well-established firsts. As Badya is our latest and greatest project, it is the epi-center of the new 6th of October city.

While designing Badya we put these four main principles into action:

Being accessible:
Convenience is one of Badya’s key elements as it is connected to history by being only a few minutes away from the Giza pyramids, connected to the world by being close to the new Sphinx international airport, and just a few minutes away from the New Capital. Convenience isn’t just with the places around the city but also from within it as Badya utilizes the most intuitive urban planning concept, where you are 5 mins away from your daily needs, 10 mins away from your weekly needs and 15 mins away from your monthly needs.

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بالم هيلز

Palm Hills Badya

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